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Bianchi Bicycles

We have a wide selection of awesome Bianchi bicycles!

We are an authorized dealer for Bianchi bikes so any of their models can be special ordered

A Tradition of Excellence
Bianchi has been building fine bicycles for over 120 years and few other marques can equal their racing pedigree and cycling history. It all began more than a century ago when Edoardo Bianchi opened his first shop on Via Nirone in Milan. His creative mind and entrepreneurial skills filled the little factory with inventions, innovations, new products and soon huge popular success.

Today, Bianchi's high-tech designs still push the limits, while their victories keep piling up, too. On pavement, be it a racer, city bike or cruiser, riding a Bianchi is about tradition, excellence and that awesome Italian ride! That's why we recommend Bianchi bicycles and why owners of the bikes enjoy them so much and do such amazing things on them, too.Through its race sponsorships, Bianchi supports the sport and dials in its legendary bicycles!Bianchi takes great pride in every bicycle!

Technology & Craftsmanship
These beautiful machines and you'll see for yourself the cutting-edge materials, innovative designs and precision components. You'll find featherweight monocoque-carbon road machines capable of Tour victories, super-stylish hybrids and town bikes perfect for riding to work or adding fun to your weekends, wonderfully comfortable women's-specific Bianchis and plenty more amazing machines sure to please.

Bianchi ComponentsBianchi components add a touch of class!
You even get dedicated Bianchi components on your Bianchi bicycle, which is another way these fine machines excel. These sweet parts integrate perfectly to improve every ride and add a nice custom touch, too. And, it's exactly what you'd expect from a company that's been designing and building two-wheelers since the beginning of cycling!

Designs that set new standards, revolutionary materials, precision components and always an amazing ride, that's Bianchi!

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