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Winter Service Special

January 2 – February 28

Save NOW on service. Ride smooth in spring.

If you can hear more than the wind while you’re riding, your bike needs some love! Make sure you’re ready for spring rides by getting your bike serviced now by a professional mechanic.

We service all bike makes and models, and between January 2 and February 28, 2021, you can take advantage of our annual discount on service packages!

You’ll get:

  • $50 off service packages $130-$199.99
  • $75 off service packages $200-$299.99
  • $100 off service packages $300+

Not valid on prior purchases. No cash or gift card value. Offer ends February 28th, 2021.

Not sure what level of service your bike needs?

Bring your bike in and to talk to one of our friendly and professional service technicians.

Why your bike needs regular service

Your bike has a lot of little moving parts that work together to give you an awesome riding experience. Over time, particularly if you're putting on a lot of miles, those parts can get dirty, grimy, gritty, and gross.

And when that happens, the parts on your bike start to make noises and wear our, which can lead to less enjoyable rides, potential breakdowns, unsafe riding, and costly replacements. To ensure your bike lasts as long as possible, you should have a professional technician give it some regular love and attention.

We service bikes of all makes and models. Whatever you ride, wherever you ride- we can help you extend your bike's life and get the most fun out of it.


How often should I get my bike serviced?

Most bikes need service for every 25 hours of riding time. So, if you ride about three hours each week, you should get your bike serviced every two months. Service at this interval will keep you riding smoothly and help your bike's parts last.

Geez, I don't even get my car serviced that often! What's up with that?

Most of your car's parts are internal, but everything on your bike is exposed to the elements. General wear and tear and debris from the roads and trails can affect the way your bike's parts work, but regular service keeps you rolling smoothly.

Nothing's broken, so why would I need service?

Bike service is about making sure everything works flawlessly when you want to ride- and, most importantly, it's about making sure you can ride confidently. Waiting until something breaks could end up being far more costly than regular service.

When's the best time for service?

Winter is the perfect time for service. You're probably riding your bike less, turnaround time is faster in this season, and servicing your bike in winter will unsure you're ready to ride when sunny spring weather arrives.

Love your bike and it'll love you back 

Beat the spring rush and visit us today.