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We'll Fit You Right

How well your bicycle fits you determines a lot. It can mean the difference between comfort and pain, fast and slow, safe and unsafe.

Proper fitting starts with selecting the right size bike frame. Most of our bikes are not one-size-fits-all, but rather, come in different frame measurements to help you obtain the best overall fit. Frame size is usually measured along the length of the seat tube (the tube which supports a bike’s seat and seatpost). While measurement standards vary a bit between different manufacturers, we can help you determine the ideal range of sizes that would offer you your best match to your body type and riding style.

What does body type have to do with fit? Well, have you ever heard someone say, “He’s a tall drink of water” or “She’s all legs”? The point is: Each of us has a different body style. And this has to be taken into account when fitting for a bike.

What's Your Riding Style?

How does your riding style relate to proper fit? Let’s say you want to cruise the bike paths on a bike that lets you sit upright where you get a good view of the scenery. That calls for a different frame size, bike type and fit approach than, say, a time-trial racer who needs to be positioned for optimum aerodynamics and speed.

Better Bike Parts Can Be Adjusted

Beyond frame size, other components of a bike contribute greatly to a good fit. Stems, for example, come in 1 centimeter increments and various angles including adjustable styles that can make significant changes in your comfort and control. Other considerations are the width and shape of the handlebars, the offset of the seatpost, shape and style of the seat and grips - every contact point between you and the bicycle.

No Matter Where You Bought Your Bike, Great Fit Starts Here

The right fit is critical to enjoyable riding, so even if you didn’t buy your bike from us, bring it in for a complimentary review of fit basics so you know what changes, if any, you might want to consider. We look forward to seeing you.