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The Breakaway Cycling Team 


Breakaway Cycling opened in 1991 and is one of the oldest bike shops in central Ohio.  Since our beginning, we have partnered with Trek, the world leader in bikes, and have attained partner dealer status and a reputation for excellent service carried out by some of the most experienced technicians. But what has always set us apart is the breadth of experience of our staff.  We have been intentional in having people with a variety of cycling experience, so that whether you are just starting out, or have been riding for years, you will find someone that can relate to you.  

Mark Deane is our Service Manager.  He joined the Breakaway team in the spring of 2019.  He previously served in a similar position with several stores in Columbus.  Mark has 12 years experience in the bicycle industry and has trained at both United Bicycle Institute, and Barnett's Bicycle Institute, the premier mechanic schools in the country.  Mark rides a Trek Procaliber 6, a Gunnar Hyper X cyclocross, and a Gunnar Fastlane gravel bike. 

Kevin Jewett has returned to help with service and sales. After being our Service Manager for over 2 years, he took a leave to do a long-term substitute teaching position, but due to the increased demand for bike repair during the pandemic, he was able to be persuaded to combine working here with his school job, so you can find him here afternoons and weekends. 

Jay Flinn is our bookkeeper.  Having been a customer since the 1990's when he had begun doing triathlons, he joined the Breakaway family in 2020 when Jim Farrenkopf, who had served as our business manager, retired. Jay's accounting career was spent mostly at Cardinal Health, but was happy to combine his interest in cycling with his financial expertise. 

Jeff Jackson serves in sales and service and is an original member of the Team Breakaway racing team.  Having been a customer since the early 1990’s, he joined the Breakaway family when he retired from a career in sales at Frito Lay (Pepsico).  His passion for cycling (both racing and training) and experience as a spin instructor make him well equipped to help you reach your fitness goals.  Jeff rides a Project One Madone 9 series, Emonda SLR 8, Madone 6.5, and a Salsa Mukluk fat tire bike, and is our resident expert on smart trainers and the Zwift app for virtual reality indoor riding.

Gastin Green joined the Breakaway team in the spring of 2018.  Cycling has changed his life and he is excite to share that with others.  As a school teacher, he serves special needs and behaviorally challenged students in the Johnathan Alder School District in Plain City.  Gastin rides road, mountain and adventure bikes which include a Madone 9.2, an Emonda SLR 8, and a Roscoe.  

Nathan Wright joined the Breakaway team at 17, but has a long history with the store dating back to his grandparents and parents who have been customers since we opened.  He grew up riding Trek bikes.  He completed the fire service program at the Career Center and has started with a local fire department. 

Matt Thompson came to us during the pandemic when his college had sent students home and works in sales and service.  He has a wealth of retail experience for his young age and quickly earned "Guide" status with Trek University and enjoys mountain biking on his custom built Trek X-Caliber. 

Hunter Harbison was another displaced college student due to the pandemic who had recently purchased a Marlin and gotten into mountain biking.  He is an Eagle Scout and avid skier and upgraded to a Fuel EX 8 when he achieved "Guide" status and does sales and service.

Dan Negley is the founder and owner of Breakaway Cycling. He has been involved in cycling since his college days when in 1980 he began leading bicycle tours for a camp in Colorado. He is a firm believer that one ride can change your life. He has raced road bikes and mountain bikes and was instrumental in the building of the original Alum Creek State Park mountain bike trail in 1992.

He is a daily bicycle commuter as he has been doing for over 30 years, and is an advocate for bicycle friendly communities, having served on the Delaware Parks and Recreation bike advisory committee, and the Delaware County Friends of the Trail (helping to complete the Ohio to Erie trail).  He has served as President of the Central Ohio Bicycle Dealer’s Association, and has attended the League of American Bicyclist’s Bicycle Summit in Washington D.C. to lobby for bicycle related causes. 

He has a wealth of cycling experience that can only be gained through years in the industry. This has provided him with the knowledge to be able to repair things most mechanics have never seen or heard of. Dan enjoys vintage equipment of all types. Owning and maintaining a 1962 Studebaker Hawk that was his grandfather's has helped him appreciate classic designs and how to keep them working.  His current bikes are a 2016 Trek Domane 5.2, various "commuter" hybrid/mountain bikes, a Lemond Maillot Jaune, and a vintage 1984 Trek 660.