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Park Tool School

We are proud to partner with Park Tool Company, the #1 brand of bicycle tools in the world, in this great hands-on program. Using a curriculum developed by Calvin Jones* and drawing on Park's 50 years of making tools, it addresses more complex procedures than the basic emergency repairs that are often taught and includes the latest in bicycle technology.

With over 20 years of experience teaching the course, we are a leader in equipping people to maintain and repair their bikes.  If you've ever wanted to learn this satisfying skill, we can teach you!


Learn how to fix your bike from our experts in our service area using our tools!

We offer both an advanced course and basic bike maintenance clinics.  Our advanced course is a 6-week course that will begin on March 21st and continue for the next 5 Tuesdays. Cost for the class is $300 plus tax and includes a copy of the Park Big Blue Book of Bicycle Repair.  A $100 deposit is required by February 15th to register.

Our classes are taught using our service facilities by our industry-trained technicians, who are experts in repairing and maintaining bicycles.  You'll learn the best ways to care for and fix problems on your bike through this hands-on clinic.  Each procedure is first demonstrated by our staff before you master the skill on your own bike under our supervision using the proper tools.  

Participants will receive a 10% discount on tools purchased during the class.  The Park Tool's Big Blue Book of Bicycle Repair* serves as the class outline.  The Big Blue Book uses color photos and instructions to clearly explain the topics covered in our class and over 100 more various repairs and maintenance including servicing bearing assemblies, wheels, braking and shifting systems, adjusting components, and more!  Plus, upon course completion, you will receive a certificate you can hang over your workbench for all to see!

Park Tool School - Advanced Course

This course includes: Tool and lubrication overview and set up of a work space; Tire and tube service; Hands-on adjustment of brakes (pads and cables); Derailleurs (cables, indexing, limit screws and shifter); Wheel truing; Bearing service and adjustment (headset, bottom bracket and hubs) and much more. 

Basic bike maintenance clinics 

These are offered throughout the riding season to enable you to ride with confidence in the event of a flat tire, brake or shifting problem.  Registration is required so please call or email to be included.

*Park's Big Blue Book of Bicycle Repair is authored by C. Calvin Jones, a world-renowned bicycle mechanic. It is one of the most up-to-date resources available and it contains information on all of the latest technologies and components.





Your tuition includes the Park Big Blue Book Repair Manual!