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We Service Wheelchairs

One of the specialty services our technical department provides is wheelchair repair. If you have any issues with your chair, need a wheel trued, some new tires, or just a general safety check, we can help!

We have experience with many chairs, common tires and tubes for them, and can order specialty items, too. Please note that we service manual wheelchairs, and the mechanical parts of electric models, but not the electronic portions.

When helping you with your wheelchair, we always start with a free, no-obligation estimate after we've inspected the issues with your chair. One of our service staff will discuss the work with you with the recommended service, always respecting your choices and budget.

We will then service your chair in a timely fashion. Be sure to let us know if you need assistance getting your chair to and from your vehicle and if the chair needing service is your primary one and you need it serviced while you wait, we will do our best to accommodate you.