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Sun bicycles are all about fun!
Sidewalk surfing, beach cruising, fun and fitness are what Sun Bicycles are all about. From cool cruisers to trikes, recumbents and road rides, swing on by and see our sweet selection of Suns and let us help you pick out the perfect ride!
 Sun's Uno is a great fixie for commuting! Sun's Uno Single Speed is for whipping past traffic while it's sitting still and gliding silently through the neighborhood. No bells, no whistles, just a stripped-down, simple urban bike with a chromoly frame and aluminum fork for a light, fast and responsive ride. With the flip/flop rear hub, you can rock it as a track-style fixie to improve your spin or reverse the wheel in the frame and ride it as a freewheeling single speed. Plus the Uno is equipped with front and rear brakes, so it's ready for serious street action.

Sun's Full Custom Alloy is a stylish long-wheelbase cruiser that rides as great as it looks. It boasts an easy-pedaling aluminum frame, lightweight aluminum wheels, a fuss-free one-speed coaster-brake drivetrain, fenders and a chainguard. Plus, you'll love the plush saddle, spacious handlebars and luxurious upright riding position.  Sun's Full Custom Alloy lets you cruise in style!
 Sun's Traditional Trike is one classy way to get around! Sun's Traditional Trike features a low step-through frame, which is super easy to get on and off, and an oversize saddle that's ultra comfortable. Plus, this trick trike boasts a large vinyl-coated basket, riser handlebars, and a coaster brake and hand brake that also works as a parking brake.
Let your imagination drift and the bike path cruise by on Sun's Women's Drifter. Its lightweight aluminum frame and aluminum wheels ensure easy pedaling everywhere you ride. Plus, this sweet cruiser sports a comfortable upright riding position and lets you place both feet flat on the ground for safety and easy starts and stops. And, it has a 7-speed drivetrain for easy climbing and longer rides, too. Sun's Women's Drifter is super smooth and fun!
Sun's EZ-Sport AX is fast, fun and way comfortable!  With graceful lines, a long wheelbase and a comfortable, upright position, the EZ-Sport AX Limited is your perfect recumbent choice. The 7005-aluminum frame is strong and resilient while keeping the weight low and the lightweight aluminum wheels roll effortlessly down the road. You'll love the fully supportive seat and the easy-to-master, stable low-crank position. Plus, the 27-speed SRAM/Shimano drivetrain shifts with precision and the Avid linear-pull brakes offer outstanding stopping power every time!
Sun's Biscayne Tandem is the perfect bicycle built for two! It features a smooth-riding and durable steel frame and forward crank positions that let you put your feet flat on the ground for easy starts and stops. And, the Biscayne's 7-speed drivetrain and powerful linear-pull brakes let you ride as far and as fast as you like! Plus, you'll love the wide handlebars and plush seats, too.  Sun's Drifter Tandem is fun for two!